If you have an IRC client:

If you do NOT have an IRC client:

  • Click here - choose a nickname (preferably your username), type #wikia-liverpoolfc as the channel, complete the captcha and press connect

Channel Rules Edit

  1. Do not purposely annoy other users. This includes racist remarks, degrading someone due to their beliefs or degrading any belief or religion.
  2. Operators: Do not abuse your rights
  3. No major or prolonged use of profanity. Minor profanity words may be used in terms of frustration, instead of a
  4. No spamming or flooding of the channel - Spam is annoying. Something will be considered spam if it is repeated several times.
  5. No abusive actions - Bullying or abusive actions will not be tolerated on the channel.

List of Ops Edit

  1. Sunderland06 (talk) - IRC Nick: Sunderland06

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